Wednesday, March 23, 2016

E-Waste Recycling Drop Off Next Saturday

Remember that old printer sitting in your closet? That tangled knot of wires haunting your drawers? And don't forget all your old cell phones, tapes, and VCRs. It's time to do some spring cleaning and recycle all that E-junk the right way. Next Saturday, April 2nd, the Lower East Side Ecology Center's E-Waste Warehouse in Gowanus will set up shop on Smith Street between President and Union to take all that stuff off your hands.

It's a great time to sift the useless tech and obsolete clunkers out of your house, and send them to a new home, or to be properly disposed. Don't get fined by the city for chucking your electronic waste into your curbside trash. The Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse ensures that the harmful chemicals and heavy metals in all our electronics are disposed of safely, and don't end up in land fills. Items that still works can be refurbished and sold from their space at President Street and Nevins Street, and vintage items are rented as props for plays and movies.

E-Waste Recycling Drop Off
Saturday, April 2
10am - 4pm
On Smith Street between President and Union Street

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