Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Parade, today @ 4pm!

Come one, come all to the 2013 Cobble Hill Halloween Parade. Meet at Cobble Hill park, parade around the neighborhood, & join the fun!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cobble Hill Association 2013 Fall General Meeting


Long Island College Hospital Update:
Where are we now?
A report to the community on what we know.
* Legal actions
* Timeline
* Possible Outcomes

Toomas Sorra, MD, Concerned Physicians of LICH,
New York State Nurses Association and Local elected Officials
Jim Walden and Adam Cohen Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP,
Dr. Jon Berall, the court appointed "LICH Watchdog"

General Meeting: 7:30 PM
Date: Monday, October 28, 2013
Place: Cobble Hill Health Center,
Main Entrance: 380 Henry Street

Refreshments will be provided courtesy of Ted & Honey Cafe

UPDATE: Below is video of lawyer Jim Walden's message to standing room only audience at tonight's meeting.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween-themed Save LICH rally

The Cobble Hill Halloween Parade is October 31st, but there's a chance to give your Halloween outfit a pre-holiday test drive with word from Brad Kerr, one of many locals fighting hard to keep our hospital open.

Halloween is scary. But it’s even scarier to lose your neighborhood hospital. This Saturday, join our Halloween-themed rally to protest Governor Cuomo’s truly frightening plan to close LICH.  Meet at the LICH playground at 10:30 a.m. — and dress up as a ghost or another scary thing that might happen if Cuomo succeeds and we lose LICH. 

WHEN: Saturday, October 19th
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – Noon
WHERE: LICH Playground
ADDRESS: Henry Street between Amity and Pacific

A lot of people aren’t sure what’s happening now with LICH. The good news is LICH is open for care, despite Governor Cuomo’s best efforts to close the hospital and sell the land for condos. Two court cases plus a lot of community and political pressure are keeping the hospital open.

But right now there is no operator to run the hospital in the future, because Cuomo wants to close it, and we need to keep up the pressure until a new operator is found. That’s why you should come to the Halloween-themed rally this Saturday, and forward this email to all of your neighborhood friends — we are winning and with your support we won’t lose our hospital.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Impalements—the Final Year!

The Cobble Hill Parade through the park is not the only Halloween tradition in our neighborhood. For years Jane Greengold has also made a site-specific, holiday themed public art display called Impalements. 

She writes
For years, with the help of friends and family, I have impaled 100 pumpkins on the spikes of the iron fence on the corner of Kane and Strong in Cobble Hill for Halloween. Every pumpkin is unique. The impaled pumpkins are left for months, to age as nature commands, into gnarly remnants of themselves.

This will be my last version of Impalements at this location. Next year, it may appear at a new location. Please join in for this final year, and help impale the most heads ever. Everyone can bring a head. There are 274 spikes so there is room for a lot of participation.
To join in choose the right size and kind of pumpkin – 4 ¾” - 5” inches in diameter, taller than it is round, and soft enough to carve; LEAVE THE TOP ON; cut a 3/4” square hole in the middle of the bottom (for the spike); carve a face; remove the innards of the pumpkin through the facial features; and bring the carved pumpkin to the corner of Kane and Strong between 3 pm and 7 pm on October 31, 2013. We will impale it!

Smith Street's 4th annual Festivale des Soupes

Saturday, 10/19/13, 1-4pm

It's a "Soup Crawl" for a very good cause. The South Brooklyn LDC shares this fundraiser with a culinary arts program at local public high school, the School for International Studies. Unlike most courses where a textbook or two is the semester expense, in this case it is food... and these raw ingredients are costly. The Soup Crawl helps local students afford these expenses.

Lunetta, Bar Tabac, Coco Roco, Cibao, Ceol, Hop Hap Thai Restaurant, Hunter’s, The H.S. for Int’l Studies, Stinky Brooklyn, Angry Wades, Pazzi Pasta, Jolie Cantina, Peoples Republic of Brooklyn, Shelsky’s Smoked Fish, Bombay Dream, Provence En Boite, Dassara Ramen, Cubana CafĂ©, Savoia, , VIP Thai, Zaytoons, Etons, The Jakewalk, Kittery, Seersucker/Nightingale9, Avlee Greek Cusiine

Listed in the order of a walk from Atlantic Avenue to 2nd Street.

A panel of Celebrity Judges will rate the soups and award Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ladles in three categories - Veggie, Meat/Chicken, & Fish/Seafood based. Compare your palate against theirs . Help us to give soup the respect it is due on the menus of New York!!

Purchase Tasting tickets from the High School students at tables on the corners of Smith & Bergen, Butler, and President Street starting at 1PM. Each ticket entitles you to a 4 oz tasting at the restaurants of your choice from the list above. F or G Train to Bergen or Carroll Street .

$5.00 for a 5 Tasting sampler.
$10.00 Couples/Gourmets for 12 Tastings,
$20.00 for Families - 25 Tastings.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Ready! Cobble Hill Halloween Parade 2013 is coming.

Calling all ghouls, ghosts and goblins!
the Cobble Hill Halloween Parade will be Thursday October 31st
TIME: 4:00PM
DATE: Thursday, October 31st
PLACE: Cobble Hill Park
MUSIC: Jah Pan Steel Drum Band

Bring noisemakers to help the Jah Pan Steel Drum band ring in Cobble Hill Halloween, and check out this video montage of photos from years past.
We need a crew of volunteers to help set up at 11AM and then another group of volunteers to help clean up at 8:00PM on the day of the parade. If you would like to volunteer to help, please email us at