BQE-Rehabilitation Statement

The entire stretch of the BQE from Hamilton Avenue at the south end, to the Myrtle Ave area in the north, including the BQE triple cantilevered road beds lying under the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights,  needs to be rebuilt. The CHA advocated for extending the area for repairs to include the extremely dangerous entrances and exits in our neighborhood - the entrance at Atlantic Avenue and the entrance and exit at Columbia Street (these entrances rank among the highest in the nation for serious accidents and deaths). Our advocacy was successful in getting the project area expanded to begin at Hamilton Avenue so that these entrances would be improved. 

The BQE rebuild project will significantly impact our neighborhood in the coming decade. At the time of this report (May, 2010), the details of traffic routing have not been worked out but we are very cognizant of the fact that traffic will have to be rerouted during the decade (or more) long repair time, and our neighborhood is vulnerable. 

The Cobble Hill Association was invited to be a key member of the BQE rebuild project team, as a member of the technical task force (TACT Committee). 

We encourage residents to be aware of this project and to come out to BQE rebuild meetings (which are posted on this blog) to voice your concerns.

For more detailed information, please visit the project's webpage