Atlantic Yards Statement

The Atlantic Yards project broke ground in April, 2010. The Cobble Hill Association has taken a stance against the project because of the following issues:
1. Use of eminent domain: Residents and business owner properties were taken by a claim that the area was blighted. It is our contention that the area was not blighted, except for the actions over 6 years by the developer , Forrest City Ratner, who had purchased surrounding properties. We do not support the use of eminent domain for this project. It was unnecessary.
2. Alternate plans not studied: The community's Unity Plan  was ignored by the City and State and was not considered in the EIS study. We are concerned that the city and state development corporations (EDC and ESDC, respectively) ignore valid community input and engagement , and that alternative development plans go unstudied.
3. Lack of open space: We understand that the current Yards plan, as of April 2010, continues to have a paucity of open space. Two (2) acres of park land is included in the site, and most of it in paved areas in plazas and on top of buildings. If the full extent of the plan is built (16 highrise towers in addition to several new office buildings as of May 2010) as many as 40,000 new residents and workers will occupy this square mile of land. Atlantic Yards will be one of the densest square miles - if not the most dense - in North America. More open space and true, green park space is required to accommodate the numbers of people expected to live and work in the area.
4. Lack of infrastructure and support services: As of this posting, the developer has reneged on agreements to improve the subway and LIRR station in the Yards project area. There are no new schools planned for the project area, and no new fire or police services. There are no plans and no solutions to mitigate  traffic, particularly along Atlantic Avenue and  Flatbush.  

We encourage residents to monitor the Yards project and to write letters to the Mayor and Governor with your concerns.