Wednesday, March 25, 2015

50 years of Cobble Hill Park

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.
   Albert Camus, The Rebel 
2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Cobble Hill Park. At slightly more than a half acre, it was the City’s first vest pocket installation, established as a passive use environment to complement the surrounding brownstone area. It is well used and well loved.

Every Tuesday morning, spring through fall, you will find volunteers working there to supplement the tremendous efforts of the NYC Parks Department. This attention makes for brighter flowers, healthier leaves, and a welcoming environment for young and old. And yet, there is still some much needed maintenance that the volunteers cannot tackle and the Parks Department cannot address as often as is desirable.

The Cobble Hill Association, in conjunction with the Parks Department has begun to address some of these issues. It commissioned both a detailed survey of the Park’s aging trees and a detailed scope of work to address their ongoing needs. The recommendations for pruning and bracing have been accomplished, with funding from the Association and supervision by the Parks Department. Additional plans call for soil amendment and mulching, again to be supervised by the Parks staff. This extra effort will assure the community of a safe and enjoyable environment for decades to come.

This important work is underwritten by the community as are the supplies needed for the plantings and volunteer efforts throughout the year. Last weekend marked the start of spring and so we now ask that you consider giving the best gift you can to support these efforts. The Cobble Hill Tree Fund and a few generous residents have already begun lending financial support to help pay for both the current improvements and guarantee the park remains a cherished center of our community in the years ahead. We hope you will now join the cause too.

Please donate either on the web or by mail with the instructions below. Together we can speak for the trees in our own backyard.

DONATE on the web
- Enter your contribution via our membership form in the "Fund for Cobble Hill Park" category.

DONATE by mail
- Send a check to the address below with "Fund for Cobble Hill Park" in the memo.
Cobble Hill Association
P.O. Box 376
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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