Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recycling Day at PS29 - Sunday 10/23

In our continuing efforts to green the neighborhood, the Cobble Hill Association and amazing folks at PS29 are yet again holding an electronics recycling event with the Lower East Side Ecology Center. What's more, it'll include plenty of other recycling opportunities too throughout the day!
• 10a.. to 4pm...Old computers and electronics will be collected by Lower East Side Ecology Center, in conjunction with Cobble Hill Association.   See www.lesecologycenter.org to review the list of accepted items at bottom.
• Composting Workshop led by The NYC Compost Project in Brooklyn.  Backyard composters will also be for sale. 
• Computer hard drive shredding provided by eRecycleNY, PS 29 parent owned EPA compliant electronics recycling company serving the NYC area. 
• Clothing rummage sale, proceeds go to PS 29 PTA. Wearable Collections will be picking up remaining clothes, as well as stained & ripped clothing, textiles & stuffed animals. 
• Confidential Documents shredded on-site (& then recycled) for a small fee. by Time Shred Services

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Anonymous said...

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