Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remembering one of our own

Just over two months ago, Cobble Hill resident and Cobble Hill CSA founder Jeffrey Axelrod was killed while riding his bicycle through the Lower East Side. Though it happens with alarming regularity, our streets MUST NOT remain speedways that give cars priority over people's safety. These types of 'accidents' are largely preventable by better engineering of our roads, education of our drivers/cyclists, and most importantly better enforcement by our NYPD to take vehicular crimes more seriously.

Though nothing will bring Jeffrey back, the generous collective at the NYC Street Memorial Project have installed a ghost bike recently to make sure his death will not be in vain.

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Jude said...

Jeffrey Axelrod lived one building away from me. Because of my avid interest in cycling, I knew of his death before I knew he was my neighbor. I just wanted to say, I hope your thoughts expressed here are carried out. Although many of Cobble Hill's streets are very safe for cyclists, something must be done with Atlantic Avenue, Court Street and Hicks Street. These streets provide very little protection for the many recreational cyclists that use them.

As you said, nothing will bring Jeffrey back but perhaps, in his honor, we can help prevent something like this from happening on OUR streets. Measures such as these will truly insure his death was not in vain.