Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Extending Cobble Hill Park's Hours

Every Tuesday morning, Cobble Hill Association park committee chair Barbara Krongel leads a group of volunteers to clean, maintain, and add to Cobble Hill Park's beauty. The City's Parks Department also does an incredible job, it is very often these volunteers and Barbara's planning that make all the plantings so lush and the park so enjoyable. However, long after the volunteers had planted, weeded, and swept, our residents use want to use the park deep into the afternoon and evening. Therefore, many suggestions have rolled into the CHA the past few months to re-examine the park's closing hours, currently set at 9pm.

The Cobble Hill Association discussed this matter at our Summer Executive Board meeting with representatives of our park committee and, after a thorough discussion, voted to request a change in closing time, from 9 to 10pm. The immediate adjacent neighbors were polled also and agreed that a later closing hour would be acceptable to them.

In a letter sent to the Community Board, Parks Department, and local 76th precinct, CHA President Roy Sloane noted -
The Cobble Hill Association, representing the residents of the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, would like to request that the closing time of Cobble Hill Park be extended from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Our goal is to make the hours of the park more consistent with public use and also to bring the closing time of Cobble Hill Park into conformity with the closing time of Carroll Park located 8 blocks to the South.
This coming Wednesday, September 19th, Community Board 6's Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Committee will review and consider the request for an extension to the Cobble Hill Park closure hours. The meeting takes place at Long Island College Hospital, 339 Hicks Street, Room A, at 6:30pm. All residents who want to offer their opinion regarding the potential changes to the park's operation times are encouraged to attend.

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