Wednesday, May 25, 2011

E-waste Report

Just a few weeks ago, our local elementary school PS29 graciously played host to our Cobble Hill Association electronics recycling event, run by the wonderfully green Lower East Side Ecology Center. The day also included recycling of textiles and plastic, making an all out day of eco-consciousness. While we don't have exact figures on those goods yet, we did get the figures for the electronics materials.

Total tonnage collected: 13,093 pounds, or 6.5 tons of materials
Number of participating households: 257
Those numbers on their own are really quite impressive; More than 6 tons of 'junk' that will avoid going into landfills, and instead get broken down safely and securely. But what's even more interesting is that less tonnage was collected (in 2010 we collected 18,846 pounds or 9.4 tons) because older model electronics are gone and 1st generation smaller, lighter, flat screens are now making their way to the recycling bin. In spite of the smaller haul... even MORE people participated this year (in 2010 only 231 households came out). 

The CHA is glad to have had yet another success, and hope that if you didn't get a chance to participate this time, you'll save those electronics for another e-waste event sometime this fall.

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