Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Response to Fortis Release

New Fortis proposal including student housing is revealed: http://www.wsj.com/articles/fortis-property-group-offers-two-plans-for-site-of-long-island-college-hospital-1445307462

Cobble Hill Association Release 10/20/ 2015

Today, the Fortis Property Group released two versions of its plan to develop the former Long Island College Hospital site abutting the historic neighborhood of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. For the last five months, the Cobble Hill Association (CHA) and Fortis have been in discussions under the auspices of Councilperson Brad Lander to create a plan that would serve the future residents of Cobble Hill, while preserving the characteristics of the neighborhood that drew those people in the first place. We recognize that change is inevitable, but from the beginning the community has consistently maintained that the buildings proposed were too tall and that the population density would overwhelm the existing neighborhood. Fortis agreed to enter into discussions with the help of Councilperson Lander. Unfortunately, they have steadfastly refused to significantly lower the height or scale back the density of the plans. Instead of listening to the concerns of CHA, last week they actually increased the square footage of the ‘As of Right’ plan by adding 262,500 square feet, an increase of almost 40%, mostly in the form of student housing.

The CHA remains committed to the process organized by councilman Brad Lander and hopes to move forward in productive discussions with its new neighbor.

For further information, please contact cobblehillassociation@gmail.com

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