Monday, October 29, 2012

CHA Going the RIGHT Way

Throughout 2012, the Cobble Hill Association has had ongoing conversations with the Department of Transportation regarding safety improvements to the Court Street corridor. Recently, one of our requests came to fruition: an improved traffic light at Amity Street.
Big & Clear, Amity Street's new Traffic Signal
All too often drivers had been disregarding the small 'All Traffic Turn Right' signage, and instead been making a dangerous left turn against traffic on Court followed by an immediate right onto Dean Street. This catches pedestrians off guard and is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, long time civic leader Jerry Armer pushed DOT on this issue, asking they change the traffic light to more clearly direct drivers of the safer, and more legal, maneuvering.

Comparing the above pictured image with the older street view below, you can see the light now changes from red phase to a flashing yellow right turn signal, rather than full green. This more clearly directs drivers attention to the safe turn they should be making. In addition, the traffic light itself which faces drivers on Amity street is now much larger than the side facing Court street, further reinforcing the clarity of the regulation.
Amity Street signal, w/ no directional specification
We appreciate the Department of Transportation's cooperation with our requests and prompt changes to the street. Stay tuned for updates about similar requests we've made as further improvements to the streetscape come to our Court Street corridor.

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