Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Court Street cheered by Crain's

Defying gentrification and a poor economy, much of Court Street's rich history remains today from Cobble Hill to Carrol Gardens. This weekend, Crain's ran an article lauding the success of those who've stood the test of time and turned a profit.
In the 13-block strip between Warren Street and Fourth Place, nearly 20 longtime, mostly Italian-American mom-and-pop stores still do a healthy business. They range from caf├ęs to a clothier—many of them dating back to the early decades of the past century, and nearly all of them boasting one or two antidotes to the ravages of age and relentless change.
Read the full Crain's article HERE. And for a truly great history of Court Street, check out Forgotten NY's amazing digital walking tour HERE

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