Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome Sadie's Kitchen

243 Degraw.
It's been Copper. It's been Whim. Ciello Café. It's been Chicory. It's been Ultimate Burgers and Dogs. And now, it's Sadie's Kitchen. This little spot on the edge of Cobble Hill has had an unfortunate amount of turnover the past few years, leading some to speculate the location is simply cursed. Now, owners Peter Sibilia and Damien Vizueteare hoping to give their retro style Mac & Cheese restaurant staying power beyond its recent history.
The Cobble Hill Association wishes them luck and is glad to see another new business start up in the neighborhood. Though we're used to getting write ups of our shops in the local papers and blogs, the curious past of this location has gotten enough attention that both the NY Times and Wall Street Journal even wrote about it. Read up on that media coverage, then treat yourself to trying out Sadie's firsthand.

And if anyone knows what happened to the old fashioned Coca Cola signage, let us know.

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