Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tours back on Track

Cobble Hill may be full of life above ground, but it's also got a rich history below. Bob Diamond of the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association has been offering tours of the Atlantic Avenue tunnel he discovered in 1980 and resurrecting the notions of a Brooklyn Street Car system. Just a week ago he said "Feds have $280 million earmarked for streetcars, City blows grant" and decided to throw in the towel after many years of personal labor that secured dollars but did not yet bring an active street car system to the surface.

Thankfully, local pleas have persuaded him to stick with the project and he's now combined everything on the new streetcar plan onto one convenient webpage, with detailed subsections hyperlinked here: http://brooklynrail.net/new_brooklyn_streetcar.html

The Cobble Hill Association is glad to have Bob Diamond's dedication both preserving the borough's history as well as planning for it's future. For more info, check out links from our friends at McBrooklyn, the tunnel's Wiki page, and of course, the detailed info on the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association website.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, must've been tough to get him to agree to run a tour whereby he gets all the cash and pays his staff shit. By my count (when I took that tour) I'll bet he clears 3 or 4 K a day! Lucky him!

Bob D. said...

I'm sorry your upset that the tunnel tours are so highly successful.

If you saw our ever increasing library of rare books, gathered from all over the world- which is where the new tour material largely comes from- you would understand where the money goes.

We also spent considerabe sums of money on various "studies and reports" required by the City.

Hopefully, in the not to distant future, someone might come forward and contribute office space. If that happens, our highly specialized library will be open for public use.

Bob D. said...
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