Friday, January 15, 2010

CHA books it to LICH

The event is old, but the photo op is recent, so here's a recap.

On October 24th, the CHA sponsored a Book Swap at the sitting park at Henry and Pacific Street to benefit the Long Island College Hospital.  The event provided a venue for unwanted books,  for neighbors to meet each other,  and gave a way to donate remainder books to patients at LICH.  Funds raised from residents who did not bring books to swap but purchased some books at the event helped the CHA purchase much needed folding tables for LICH's Community Affairs Department.

The Book Swap turned out to be a wonderful success. Thanks to the many volunteers who sorted through over 2000 donations and packaged 200 books at the end of the day for LICH patients. Neighbors met with neighbors, the 76th Precinct registered bikes, LICH provided blood pressure screening, and the quick-acting nursing staff may very well have saved one woman's life by escorting her to the emergency room with dangerously high blood pressure.

Look for another CHA/LICH Book Swap sometime in the spring (possibly April).
Thanks go to the many volunteers including Zippi Dvash, Natasha Burke, Debra Feldman and Doris Pallazo at LICH; Janet Barrett, Bryan Johnson, Jerry Armer, David Wenk, Christie Michaels, Joanne Nicholas, Roy Sloane, Judi Francis and Margaret Ablon from Cobble Hill.
 - - - pictured above Janet Barrett, Margaret Ablon, Judi Francis and Natasha Burke. 

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Isn't Cobble Hill a wonderful place?