Monday, December 15, 2014

New Tree to Honor an Old Friend

The Cobble Hill Association is happy to announce 4 new tree plantings in the neighborhood. Courtesy of the Cobble Hill Tree Fund, new Silver Linden trees have been placed in restored tree pits on both Warren Street and Congress Street. The Warren Street additions are near the corner of Court Street while the Congress Street addition is beside the Cobble Hill Health Center's newly landscaped perimeter.

We appreciate seeing all the new trees that keep our streets beautiful and our air clean, but we are most especially grateful to see the Silver Linden on Congress Street between Henry and Hicks. The Association made a request to plant this tree here in honor of our dearly departed friend, former Cobble Hill Association president Murray Adams. He offered tireless service to better the community and was especially focused on improving health care in Cobble Hill. With that in mind, we wanted to situate this new tree near the Cobble Hill Health Center, a source of remedy and rehab for so many lives in the neighborhood.

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