Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cobble Hill Health Center

While much of the health news in Cobble Hill has been focused on the Long Island College Hospital saga, we must not forget there is another important institution within our borders - The Cobble Hill Health Center. With over 350 beds and state of the art facilities, it is regarded as Brooklyn’s most innovative and progressive nursing and rehabilitation center. They admit hundreds each year recovering from strokes, cardiac events, fractures or amputation, knee and hip replacement, etc all with the prime objective of restoring the patient to full health through Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, Pain management, Dialysis, wound care, and other vital services.
Tony Lewis, the Health Center's President & CEO, took over in 2012 and has been an active part of the community. With a deep commitment to health care and a masters in Health Policy and Management, Mr. Lewis has been well aware that the success of his own rehab facility is dependent upon a nearby hospital capable of doing emergency work that the Health Center cannot and so he stood with local advocates throughout the protests of LICH's closure. He has also opened up the Health Center's rooms to several Cobble Hill Association meetings (including the upcoming Fall 2014 general meeting).

For those who do not benefit from the Cobble Hill Health Center's care inside the building, take note of the newly completed landscaping on the outside. Where gray slabs of concrete once sat, beautifully trimmed bushes and colorful plants now line the Henry and Congress street perimeter along the landmarked Romanesque revival building. This adds life to the building's edge and enhances the streetscape for all residents as well as the many visitors who use Congress street as an entrance to Brooklyn Bridge park.

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