Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thanks for the Hicks Street enhancements

The Cobble Hill Association would like to give a big, resounding 'thank you' to our local City Councilman Brad Lander, The NYC Department of Transportation's Downtown Brooklyn Coordinator Chris Hrones, and Bonafide Deli owner Kameel Kassis for their efforts in helping create a safer Hicks street.
L-R, Jerry Armer (CHA), Councilman Brad Lander, Roy Sloane (CHA), Kameel Kassis (Bonafide Deli), Dave 'Paco Abraham (CHA), Chris Hrones (NYC DOT)
Pictured above, you can see each of these key players standing beside the sidewalk bulb-out that began transforming the dangerous intersection Hicks and Kane Streets, as well as the very recently installed painted neckdown with flexible bollards that have expanded the pedestrian space.
Advocates, Engineers, Electeds, and Deli Owner looking down along the safer street.
This helps daylight the corner, giving drivers and pedestrians alike more visibility of one another while also helping slow vehicle traffic on what has far too often simply been a speedway. The Cobble Hill Association has long fought for these types of changes and is grateful both NYC DOT and Councilman Lander helped make it happen along the entire Hicks Street roadway, and that Bonafide Deli owner Kameeel Kassis has agreed to be the maintenance partner at this Kane Street corner. He'll be sweeping the area of any debris and watering planters filled greenery that will arrive in the coming weeks to help beautify the neckdown.
Hicks Street, as it was last year without pedestrian enhancements
As part of this package, alternate side of the street parking regulation have been returned to the neighborhood which removes the 'No Standing' restrictions and gives local residents approximately 100  new parking spaces to use more regularly. Without question, these collected improvements have made the roadway safer for all users; but is not yet done. We are aware the crossings from west to east are still problematic and that there are still too few overpasses across the BQE trench. Thankfully, all parties involved continue to work together seeking other means to enhance the travel through Cobble Hill here and hope to one day utilize more ideas brought out by the community in our 'Fix the Ditch' workshops.

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SP said...

What a huge improvement. It is such a dangerous and important intersection for all of us crossing Kane and Hicks. We need a speed bump there, since the north-bound cars on Hicks are often driving so fast, but this is still a major step for pedestrian safety. Thank you!