Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Signs of new Cobble Hill crosswalk at Congress/Bergen Street

Every day, scores of local residents cross Court street where there is a ADA accesible curb cut but no pedestrian signalization. As part of the Court Street corridor improvement plan which the Cobble Hill Association advocated for last year, a new crosswalk will remedy this danger and bring a signalized intersection to the pictured spot where Bergen becomes Congress Street. Latest word is that the safety enhancements should be installed by early summer, but fortunately you can already see the gray metal box in the ground which will soon house pedestrian signals. It's a small but significant improvement and one we are thankful to the Department of Transportation for taking action upon our request.


Emily Kirven said...

What?? Now that this crosswalk is here, pedestrians have a walk sign, mistakenly believing that cars will not be in the crosswalk, and yet the cars turning left off of Bergen have a very short green light on a street that routinely gets backed up. These cars are eager to get through the light -- and they can only turn left here -- so a green light signals go! They will not be looking for pedestrians here. This is very dangerous for pedestrians and also just bad for traffic on Bergen.

Dave 'Paco' Abraham said...

I've use this new crosswalk at least 5 or 6 times a week and have found just the opposite Emily. I respectfully disagree and think it is neither bad for pedestrians nor drivers. It's only been in place a month now and so there is still an adjustment period for certain, but drivers on this street (or any for that matter) ought to know they must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk when turning. I don't care how eager they are to get through the light; they are not allowed to muscle their way over a pedestrian. And since so many had been crossing here on foot already, it helps immensely now to have a very clearly delineated crosswalk and walk signal. I do hope DOT continues monitoring it though. Would be happy to be some onsite observations with you too if you'd like.