Friday, June 7, 2013

Downstate Sustainability Plan Update

Thanks to Jeff Strabone of the Cobble Hill Association for producing a breakdown of the eighteen-page Downstate Sustainability Plan, released last week by SUNY. You can download it here. It will be part of the next edition of the Cobble Hill Association's LICH-SUNY Factbook, but we thought you should it have now while we are all trying to get a grip on the Plan and what it means for LICH and Downstate.

On a related note... concerned Cobble Hill citizen Julie sent along this summary when she attended a recent public hearing regarding SUNY Downstate's Sustainability Plan. Read her thoughts pasted below...
It became apparent at the hearing that LICH closure is still a real possibility and that eyes are still on the real estate value. Another plan was submitted by Downstate labor representatives suggesting that LICH become a free standing emergency room, with the sale of the hospital real estate to be used to fund 4 new primary care satellites tied to Downstate hospital's emergency room, staffed by the 600 employees being downsized from jobs at Downstate hospital & transferred to the payroll of the satellites while "two thirds of the net asset value of the LICH real estate will be devoted to subsidy of UHB operations during a three year transition period."  LICH's community members and LICH doctors were not given an opportunity to speak at the hearing. A LICH nurse & NYSNA representative and a representative of the 1199 employees did speak for LICH. The community must make its voice heard. Written testimony may be sent via email to the committee chair Senator Ken LaValle:

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