Sunday, June 14, 2009

LPC hearing on 166 Amity: Tuesday

On Tuesday, June 16, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will hold a hearing regarding 166 Amity Street. Here is the description from the LPC's calendar:
09-8655 - Block 720, lot 40-
166 Amity Street - Cobble Hill Historic District
A Greek Revival style rowhouse built in 1843. Application is to install mechanical
equipment at the roof, alter the rear facade, and excavate at the rear yard.
Zoned R8B
The matter came before the CB6 Landmarks Committee on May 28, a night when Roy Sloane and I were at the first meeting of the CHA's new History Committee. Jerry Armer did attend the committee meeting and gave the CHA board his report.

In the end, the committee voted to object to the number of doors to be added to the existing rear-yard addition: that it should be one door, not three. Possibly of more concern is that the applicant appears not to have notified the neighbours as required. The CHA board decided not to send a statement to the hearing one way or the other, but you may want to express yourselves to the LPC on any of the issues involved: the number of doors, the non-notification of the neighbours, or any of the other elements.

WHAT: LPC hearing regarding 166 Amity Street
WHERE: 1 Centre Street, 9th floor, LPC Conference Room, Manhattan
WHEN: Approx. 9.30 a.m.

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