Monday, June 15, 2009

Carroll Gardens rezoning hearing: June 25

The Department of City Planning is commendably moving ahead with a comprehensive rezoning of Carroll Gardens and the Columbia Street District that will preserve the low-rise character of the neighborhoods to the south and west of Cobble Hill. This is excellent news. The matter is scheduled for consideration by the CB6 Land Use Committee on Thursday, June 25. We have only one objection to the plan: we don't think Henry and Clinton Streets immediately south of Degraw should be zoned R6A.

Why does it matter? The Cobble Hill Historic District's southern edge is Degraw Street. R6A zoning allows for heights up to seventy feet. The Historic District has a fifty-foot height limit. We think the zoning of the blocks of Henry and Clinton immediately south of Degraw should not rise so abruptly. City Planning has said that many of the homes on those streets are already quite tall. Even so, we don't want to encourage more tall buildings so close to the Historic District. We hope that community members will attend the meeting and reiterate this point to the committee.

WHAT: CB6 Land Use Committee meeting on rezoning
WHEN: LICH, Conference Rooms A and B, 339 Hicks Street
WHEN: Thursday, June 6, 2009 at 6 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the news out, Jeff!
I do understand your position on the R6A designation. We used the same argument but CP was fixed on the conformity aspect of the decision. Perhaps John or Glenn can give you more specifics.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments, Jeff. City Planning did take our concerns about the R6A to heart WRT two sites with the obvious potential of putting up very large buildings, at the SW corners of Clinton/Degraw and Henry/Degraw; they carved these sites out of the R6A and they are mapped R6B in the current proposal. I understand that CP wants to minimize non-conformities, but even with the R6A zone, many or most buildings do not conform due to their shallow lot size and large building foot print, so I would prefer them to be R6B, too. I would like to be assured that in the event that someone was able to assemble a block front along Clinton St that we would not be confronted by 70-foot tall buildings.
That said, I think that CP has in most cases been responsive to our concerns, particularly regarding development along Court Street and the "Place" blocks. I think their proposal does much more good than harm so therefore I support it. We will just have to work to see that these blocks also receive Landmarks proptection.
I certainly urge everyone to come out and voice their concerns as well as their compliments on this proposed rezoning. Thanks for your posting.
-John Hatheway

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