Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBPark news: CB6 opposes new housing in the park

On Wednesday, June 6, Community Board 6 voted to support Senator Daniel Squadron's revenue plan or any other alternative revenue plan that would rule out the construction of any new housing in the park. The vote was 23 to 6 with three abstentions. (The six no votes came from CB6 members generally associated with Carroll Gardens and Gowanus. It was not clear why they oppose a housing-free park.)

From day one, the CHA has opposed the proposed construction of new apartment buildings within the future park. CB6 has taken similar measures in the past and has reaffirmed its position now that Senator Squadron's PIRC proposal is on the table. We can only hope that the message will one day get through to the powers that be: no one wants twenty-story apartment towers—or any apartment towers—in a so-called park.

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