Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LICH Development Updates & more

Be sure to come to the Spring General Meeting - Monday, May 18th @ 7:30pm - for Cobble Hill neighborhood updates, including a focused discussion on guidelines for development on the former site of Long Island College Hospital.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a good meeting last night. There was just one thing I did not fully understand, and that is the "as of right" concept. As I understand it the LICH property is not covered by the strict rules that apply in the Historic District, but does that really mean that they can build whatever they want? Where I'm from, zoning laws only set the outer limits for what you are allowed to build, every structure still has to be approved aesthetically as well. Meaning the zoning laws may permit a certain building, but it may still be succesfully opposed because it does not fit in aesthetically. Or are you saying that the "as of right" means that they in theory could put up a 43 story bright orange building with flashing lights on top? I doubt it, there must me other controls in place. We could not even repair our own railing without Landmarks approving it, but now I will have a 43 story glass tower across the street?

Dave 'Paco' Abraham said...

Because the hospital is out of the landmarked section (which the CHA only allowed years ago in order to make a full service hospital), unfortunately your scenario is right. There would be community battles and lawsuits but legally the developer can in deed put up a behemoth on that site despite the strict zoning regulations that exist right across the street.