Friday, May 15, 2015

Cobble Hill Skyscrapers?

Please join us for our Spring General Meeting this Monday, May 18th at 7:30pm.  The evening will be chock full of neighborhood updates, refreshments from Ted & Honey, a few words from our local 76th precinct police captain, and a deep spotlight on imminent development and construction at LICH.

We've also received word that Fortis, the developers who now own LICH properties, will be on hand to present some early ideas and begin a fruitful community discussion.  As-of right development scenarios could legally bring 40 story towers to our neighborhood's low rise feel. Rezoning ideas already being floated could double the amount of square footage built and change the configurations of our area's beloved children's parks along Henry Street.

It is vitally important for the neighborhood to come to the meeting, hear the ideas, and be an active part of the conversation to ensure whatever gets built is a clear benefit to the community.


Julie S. said...

DNA info wrote a piece about last night's meeting.....

Jonathan Weber said...

There are no concessions that could possibly be a reasonable trade-off for doubling the population density of this proposed development. Fortis wants UlURP so they can make more money................ plain and simple.

The current population of Cobble is under 8000 people. This development under "as of right will add approx 500 units and under ULURP would add approx 1000 units. The difference between 1500 vs.
3000 people. Not to mentions the increased daytime population for the extensive commercial "mall " space. I do not see how this Neighborhood could possible absorb this number of people without becoming a total MESS. Have you ever been to Union Square on a busy afternoon. It's bedlam. I run back to Cobble Hill Brooklyn after experiencing the wall to wall people and the incredibly slow moving traffic and the noise and the garbage in these types of neighborhoods. It's hard enough to drive up Clinton Street or down Court Street now. It will be many times worse if large numbers of affluent people move into the area. Anyone who could afford to purchase a two bedroom apartment from the Fortis development will want and will have a car.

We cannot allow ULURP. And do whatever is possible to force Fortis to reduce its "BULK" in the "As of Right" scenario.