Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cobble Hill Association Statement on Long Island College Hospital

BROOKLYN – Today, the Cobble Hill Association released the following statement regarding Long Island College Hospital (LICH):
The Cobble Hill community is deeply disappointed that the SUNY Board has chosen a developer who is not committed to building and maintaining a full service hospital in Brooklyn – especially as viable alternatives existed that would have provided for the immediate resumption of ambulance service and the ER department and which would have conducted a critically needed community needs assessment to help guide healthcare decision-making. SUNY's decision to proceed with the sale of LICH marks the end of a purely benevolent institution that served its community for over 156 years with compassion and dignity. There were no reasons for this tragic closure other than SUNY's mismanagement, lack of vision, andgreed. We still have much work to be done, but today we mourn the passing of our beloved institution.

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