Thursday, April 25, 2013

In Search of a New Home

With so many children in our neighborhood, its clear that there is an ongoing need for schools. The following important message came recently from Susan Kuhlmann, of our local Linden Tree Preschool.
My name is Susan Kuhlmann, I am the Principal of Linden Tree Preschool in Cobble Hill. We have been in operation for over nine years with a wonderful reputation and a staple in our community. Each year we turn away hundreds of families looking for quality preschool services due to the abundance of growing families. This past July, the beautiful building our school was housed in, Christ Church at 180 Kane Street, was unfortunately struck by lightning and severely damaged. For safety reasons, the NYC Department of Buildings closed the buildings and keep them remained closed.

Our families are in need of a preschool and our nine dedicated staff members employment. As we are unable to return to the space we are looking for a new permanent home. Christ Church has plans to re-open Linden Tree sometime in the future and so it is preserving the name. However, in order to continue serving our families, staff and greater community by providing a beautiful preschool experience, myself and a colleague, Jennifer DeLuna, have formed our own LLC, Building Bridges. To do so, we are in need of a permanent location.

We require a minimum of 3000 square feet but willing to exceed that for the right opportunity. We are also willing to sign a long term lease. As you know rental space in our community is costly and difficult to come by. We have been searching for months and continue to. If anyone can help us please reach out, we need a home and can provide a nice income stream for a rental space.

We appreciate any assistance


Anonymous said...

Maybe Long Island College Hospital would be willing to work a deal to rent out some of its available empty space. Even if the hospital isn't closed, it still has unused space they should do something with.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news.