Saturday, March 19, 2011

Congress Street Bike Lane

While last week's roundtable discussion with Councilman Brad Lander was an opportunity to bring practically any issue to light, many residents chose to focus their voices on rumors surrounding a new Congress street bike lane possibly coming to the neighborhood. While the NY Post fueled, or possibly started, a fire with misinformation...  more accurate details came out of the Q & A. As the Brooklyn Eagle notes... 

The city Department of Transportation insists that it’s only “a conceptual design made by a sub-consultant on a study [commissioned by the Economic Development Corp.] related to the BQE enhancement” and that “previous press reports were inaccurate in suggesting that DOT officials told community members that the project was moving ahead."...  Roy Sloane, current president of the Cobble Hill Association, said, “I was asked by the DOT to take the plan to key people on Congress Street to see what they thought of it, and not one person approved of it. I know there are numerous reports that it’s moving forward despite community opposition, but I spoke to DOT and they said it’s not true.”

The Cobble Hill Association recognizes many residents remain concerned, but appreciates that DOT sought local insight, even during concept phase. We have complete faith that if a detailed plan should come to fruition, once again DOT will seek resident's input to make the best possible solution in designing a safer east-west connection for pedestrians and cyclists moving in and through Cobble Hill.  


Queen of the Click said...

Thank God that the bike route in my area (Bay Ridge) was cancelled. Most people who have bikes don't know how to ride them correctly in traffic.

Dave 'Paco' Abraham said...

I disagree with Queen of the Click. While some who ride bikes don't do follow the laws for safety, I think there's just as many, perhaps even more, drivers who fail to share the road safely. While bad biking behavior is a nuisance which must be corrected, bad driving behavior is all to often deadly. I think Cobble Hill residents, just as your fellow Bay Ridge residents, all deserve safe transportation no matter what means they choose to use.