Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cobble Hill Street Resurfacing

Next week several streets in our neighborhood will get some much needed resurfacing from the Department of Transportation.

1) Butler Street (between Court St and Gregory Pl aka Quisenbury Dr)
2) Gregory Place aka Quisenbury Drive (between Butler and Baltic Streets)
3) Degraw Street (between Hicks Street and 5th Ave)

The 1st stage of street resurfacing, a process called milling, involves the stripping away of the top several inches of asphalt. The removed asphalt is captured and returned to the Hamilton Avenue Asphalt Yard where it is recycled into a new asphalt product and reapplied to the streets. The City saves money and resources both in terms of decreasing its reliance on virgin product for fresh roadway application, and preserving precious landfill space by avoiding the disposal of the old product. The work can be loud at times, and it creates a temporary scarified, rough driving surface containing raised manhole covers and other protruding appurtenances.

The second stage of work, which usually lags behind the first stage by a couple-few weeks, involves a different work crew responsible for the laying of the new roadway surface. The final stage of work involves the reapplication of missing striping from crosswalks, lane markings, etc. In all, the total process can take a couple-few months to complete.

No one enjoys living through the process of resurfacing streets and weather or other unforeseen circumstances can slow down the process for everyone. Your patience and understanding during this time is truly appreciated.

If you experience any problems, or have additional questions, call either CB6 or 311.

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