Monday, July 5, 2010

LICH gets a little Greener

While our local institution, Long Island College Hospital, has been in the news recently for its likely merger with SUNY-Downstate, we didn't want to let this little green nugget go silent. After enrolling in the Energy Curtailment Specialists' (ECS) PowerPay! New York Program in 2008, the hospital has gotten a bit more eco-conscious and implemented a hopsital wide notification system that, among many benefits, helps reduce energy use during critical periods when grid supply is low.  When asked to shed 1200 kilowatss during a 'test period' LICH...
went above and beyond by curtailing 2120 kilowatts; 920 kilowatts more than expected.... When the doctors, nurses, and other staff are notified of the event, they may shut off lights when a room is not in use as part of their own commitment to reducing electricity.
"Long Island College Hospital is an ideal customer for our program because they are so motivated to help within the community all while taking the necessary precautions to assure patient safety," said Glen Smith, president, chief executive officer and co-founder of ECS.
The Cobble Hill Association is very glad to have LICH taking care of both the patients inside the building and the community's energy needs around it.
image courtesy of Ruby Washington/The New York Times

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