Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pier 6 Safety Improvements on the Way

Many residents and park-goers have been worried about the incredible dangers of the approach to Brooklyn Bridge Park's new Pier 6. The Cobble Hill Association responded quickly, speaking with local elected officials to urge the Department of Transportation to implement changes immediately, and plan a safer approach for the future.
Word came through this State Senator Daniel Squadron's office that help is on the way because DOT has 'heard his and our constituents' cries for improved safety'.  DOT outlined the following steps in response.
-“Stop Here on Red” sign on Atlantic Avenue at the eastbound approach to the on-ramp, to communicate to drivers that they do not have a free left turn when the light ahead is red and the pedestrian indication across the ramp is WALK.
-“Turning Vehicles Yield to Pedestrians” sign on Atlantic Avenue at the westbound approach to the on-ramp, to emphasize  to drivers that  they must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
- Conducting a traffic study to determine if further signal or regulation changes that will reduce vehicle-pedestrian conflicts at this location are feasible.  Additional recommendations will be shared publicly in near future.
- Evaluating medium term opportunities for more significant reconfigurations to the street network around Pier 6 that will assist with bicycle and pedestrian park access, including the intersection of Columbia Street and Atlantic Avenue, and Atlantic Avenue west of  Columbia Street.
The Cobble Hill Association appreciates DOT's response and feels the changes cannot come quick enough.  While the simple signage change may not be a game-changer, the "Stop Here on Red" adjustment could be significant now... and the future plans could prove immensely effective. Without a doubt we will stay on top of the situation.


Anonymous said...

I guess the signage is ok, but why not get rid of the right on reds? They did it at Tillary and Cadman Plaza, and most recently at Smith and 9th street.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. RIght on red is the main impediment to safe passage as is walking along Columbia Street with a carriage and children on a sidewalk shared with two way bikes. Another reason why this "park" is so badly planned yet so badly needed.