Friday, May 13, 2016

Welcome to the New Board

At the Spring General Meeting of the Cobble Hill Association Wednesday night, the following officers were elected to a two-year term, effective immediately:

Amy Breedlove, President
Michael Epstein, First Vice President
George Sanchez, Second Vice President
Charles “Chip” McEnhill, Treasurer
Leslie Cohen, Membership Secretary
Bennette Kramer, Recording Secretary
Susan Mulcahy, Corresponding Secretary

Please lend them your support and offer help where and when you are able. We, former members of your Board, will be doing the same. There will be significant challenges ahead but, as we heard from Councilman Lander, our strength is found in our active and unified community.

It has been a privilege to meet so many neighbors during my time on the board and I look forward to working closely with the new team.

With sincere congratulations from former members of the CHA board and best wishes for the new board going forward as they work to represent our community,

Laurel Burr

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