Friday, January 16, 2015

The future of Atlantic Avenue & Henry Street

Last week, a drunk driver slammed his car through Henry Public. Thankfully no one was severely injured and the culprit has since been arrested. However, one aspect of the crash was especially shocking - it occurred mid-block. In NYC, crashes typically occur at intersections and so improving those tend to be the key focus of city agencies and advocates alike. This mid-block crash was possible because of the open, unimpeded corner at Atlantic Avenue and  Henry Street (as well as the driver's neglect of course). In the coming months however, this corner will be dramatically changed.
Where a Shell gas station now sits, soon a 50 foot building will rise with ground floor retail and 8 residential units above.  This blog covered the Landmark's Preservation Commission decision to demand some changes to the original plan. Now, the Cobble Hill Association has finally gotten new copies of the modified plan and presents them above. Take note of the renderings of just how different both Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street will soon look. Even for a drunk driver, it will be difficult to crash a vehicle mid-block in the future - though we hope to continue working with the Department of Transportation and the 76th precinct so that no one crashes in our neighborhood at all, for any reason.

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