Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Save LICH poster in the area

Our  community has been crystal clear that it wants to keep emergency services open at LICH and so many windows of homes and business have been seen sporting this #SaveLICH poster. Now it seems there is another poster popping up around the neighborhood, put out by Parents for LICH and the Working Families Party - South Brooklyn Club, suggesting the best approach to keep the fight alive - Call Governor Cuomo. 
(518) 474-8390


RN LICH said...

We have a video presented by a young man. An inestigative report regarding an empty lobby at LICH and a ban on 911 Emergency response to LICH. As was reported earlier there are doctors, nurses and staff ready to care for patients at LICH. In spite of a NYS Supreme Court order issued by Justice Johnny Lee Baynes on June 19,2013. SUNY DOWNSTATE banned and continues divert 911 away from LICH. SUNY has refused to lift this ban. Furthermore, SUNY DOWNSTATE has failed to communicate their intentions and their plan with regard to our 911 response to this community. This is blatantly outrageous. Is SUNY DOWNSTATE above the law. Please watch this video:

RN LICH said...

See this investigative video by a young man. Save LICH call Governor Cuomo 1-518-474-8390

amy said...

What good is "emergency services" without the back-up of a full hospital?? You walk in to the emergency room with a bad appendix what happens if only emergency services are available there? No operating room. Do you get in an ambulance to be taken someplace else to have your appendix operation? It could burst by that time. What if you come in with a heart attack & it's only an ER with no cardiac center. When minutes count you could be dead by the time you get back in the ambulance to find a hospital with an available cardiac angioplasty center. An emergency room without full hospital services is nothing more than a walk-in clinic. If we're going to make the effort to fight, we need to be fighting for a full service hospital... not just emergency room.