Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'Fix the Ditch' with Participatory Democracy discussions

Last year, several city council members began a simple experiment. Rather than dictate every dollar they control in the city budget, they would instead give New Yorkers the power to decide how to spend $1 million of their tax dollars on projects in the neighborhood. Local Councilman Brad Lander led the effort in our own district and had over 3,000 people participate. The seven projects with the most votes are now approved, money is allocated, and they will be coming to fruition soon.
Now Councilman Lander is again starting the process with another million dollars and the Cobble Hill Association encourages residents to come out, participate, and help push forward a ling standing idea of ours - the need to 'Fix the Ditch' with pedestrian enhancements along Hicks Street to better connect our neighborhood and Carol Gardens to the Columbia Waterfront, currently cut off by the BQE trench. The first neighborhood assembly he is holding will be just a few blocks away, at the Carroll Gardens Library, this coming Monday. We hope many of you will attend and take part in this democratic process. If you didn't participate last year, or want to be reminded of the fun, check out our new video.
Neighborhood Assembly
Monday, September 24th  6:30 PM
Carroll Gardens Library  396 Clinton St. (at Union St.)
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