Sunday, July 8, 2012

Court Street Parking gets Improved

Last week, one of our readers spotted new black stumps placed in the sidewalk on Court Street. Just a few days later, it became apparent; those stumps were the bases for recently installed Muni-Meters on Court Street. This a plan that has been in the works for months and the Cobble Hill Association appreciates our Department of Transportation's advance notice and discussions on the issue. Commercial corridors citywide have been getting this treatment which offers more payment options for drivers, more parking spots per block, and in some select cases variable peak pricing so the cost of a space can wisely change based on the demand for it.

But what's to come of all the existing meters? Right now they have the below pictured message... 'Please pay at Muni-Meter.' However, those will be removed (possibly by the fall) and the old meter racks will be retrofit to become bicycle parking. This is a simple addition that will help reduce dangerous clutter on our sidewalks when too many bicycles are locked up to a street sign or other pole. Keep an eye out for those changes, and now be sure to feed the Muni-Meter!

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