Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Film Shoot in Cobble Hill next week

Just in from Community Board 6... a new film shoot will disrupt standard parking schedules in the neighborhood next week Wed & Thurs, April 18th and 19th. While it can undoubtedly be a headache to find parking when such a permit is offered, Julianne Cho, the associate commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, notes "There are typically anywhere from 50 to 75 productions in the city at any time. The industry brings in approximately $5 billion to the city’s economy each year". Just some food for thought...
Bullet Pictures lnc. is currently in production on a film titled “My Friend Vijay.” For purpose of staging equipment and parking production vehicles, Parking will be held in advance of filming on the following blocks:
  • Warren Street btwn Clinton St & Henry St 
  • Clinton St btwn Baltic St and Warren St 
  • Clinton St btwn Warren St and Verandah PI
  • Clinton btwn Verandah Pl and Congress St
"No Parking signs will be posted 48 hours in advance. We understand that filming can be somewhat disruptive, and we appreciate your cooperation. If you have special needs such as deliveries, moving, traveling, or construction, please contact the locations department. As guests in your neighborhood, we will make every effort to be respectful of the daily routine of the community. Please feel free to contact the Locations department @ 212-807-0108 with any questions or concerns, or you can visit one of us on site when we are filming."

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