Friday, November 11, 2011

Rat Information Portal

Though most of our local streets are rather well cleaned, some have observed an uptick in Rat sightings. This isn't just a matter of keeping our neighborhood attractive, it's also a serious health concern. Fortunately, just this week the city's Department of Information Technology has made it easy to access the Department of Health's "Rat Information Portal."
The Rat Information Portal (RIP) is a web-based mapping application where users can view rat inspection data. Findings from the Health Department’s inspections are searchable by address, or by borough, block and lot (BBL). You can use the map tools to find information about properties on the map. Visit the Rat Information Portal at to view rat inspection data.
Be sure to track the issue on your block and always call 311 if you come across a problem in Cobble Hill concerning rats, rodents, or any other creatures that do not belong.

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