Thursday, April 7, 2011

final chances to OPPOSE housing in our parks

CB 6 sent along this message the other day. Please use it as another chance to stand up for a true Brooklyn Bridge park... that is one without private housing. It should feel like a lawn for all of Brooklyn to enjoy, not just a backyard for wealthy hugh rise condo owners. As our Cobble Hill Association president Roy Sloane eloquently put it last week "I will never support housing in this park until there are high-rises in Prospect Park, Central Park and every other major park in this city."
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Representatives for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation have agreed to brief us on the Draft Report findings for the "Study of Alternatives to Housing For the Funding of Brooklyn Bridge Park Operations" prepared by Bay Area Economics for the Committee for Alternatives to Housing.

The meeting will be hosted by the Brooklyn CB6 Executive Committee at 6:30pm on Monday, April 11th, at Long Island College Hospital, 339 Hicks Street (at Atlantic Avenue), Brooklyn.

The report itself can be viewed by clicking here, or at the following link:

Written comments on the report are due by April 25th and may be submitted directly to:

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Anonymous said...

Yey Paco! Thanks so much for posting. Condos are not needed or wanted inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. We want things to do there for kids, especially teens, recreation and greenery.