Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cobble Hill Park - Past and Present

Friday's New York Times has great coverage of NYC's parks; not Central, or Prospect, or Battery Park.... none of those big ones, but rather all the small pocket sized parks that fill in nooks and crannies, breathe life into neighborhoods, and raise both property values and happiness. Our very own Cobble Hill Park gets a worthy mention of praise, with a tidbit of its history.

Cobble Hill Park, on Verandah Place in Brooklyn, a 0.585-acre site where a neighborhood petition drive in the 1960s defeated plans for an apartment building. Two-family town houses there have sold in recent years for $2.2 million or more.
For another nugget on the park, check out the David Ansel Weiss's trivia column which notes the site of Cobble Hill Park was "the site of Brooklyn’s Second Unitarian Church, often affectionately called — because of its shape — the Church of the Holy Turtle? Its first minister was Samuel Longfellow, brother of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow."

Regardless what came before, Cobble Hill Park is now beautiful and well cared for by resident Barbara Krongel and her devoted team of volunteers. Want to get your own hands dirty and keep the park pretty? Come join us every Tuesday morning at 7:45am, weather permitting. For more info email sublte116[at]

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