Saturday, September 11, 2010

Farm City Festival

Just because we live in the city, doesn't mean we can't grow some of out own food. This weekend, Bergen Street will be completely transformed for a wonderful urban agriculture festival, co-curated by Cobble Hill community leader Derek Denckla, editor of and founder of FarmCity.US.
Farm City: Where Are You Growing?
A Celebration of Urban Agriculture

Over three weekends, Farm City celebrates Urban Agriculture and explores the possibilities of a new agrarian future within the current urban reality. Components include: Farm City Fair, Farm City Film, Farm City Tour, and Farm City Forum, spotlighting the work of artists, farmers, activists, planners, architects, chefs, and foodies, all devoting themselves to feeding the city both culturally and agriculturally.

For all the festival info, check out it's full schedule:

*Farm City Films Sept 12 & 14     *Farm City Tour  Sept 18 & 19    *Farm City Forum Sept 25

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