Monday, October 13, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Reconstruction of the BQE

Concerns have been raised by CHA members and others about the effects of the coming reconstruction of the BQE and the Promenade and what effect that work will have on the future Brooklyn Bridge Park. In a worst-case scenario, the park could be built and then colonized as a staging area for the rebuilding of the triple-cantilever structure that supports the two lanes of the highway and the Promenade above it. Remember: the BQE is an interstate highway and New York State, which is responsible for it, can supersede local decisions and priorities.

If you are as concerned about these issues as we are, then you should come out for a very important public forum with representatives of the New York State Department of Transportation and their consultants. Here are the details:

What: CB6 Transportation Committee Meeting with DOT officials regarding the BQE
When: Thursday, October 16 at 6.30 p.m.
Where: LICH conference rooms


Anonymous said...

This post is a complete disservice to the community you purport to represent and damages your reputation as a credible source and advocate for legitimate community issues. No such worst-case scenario exists, except in the imagination of CHA.

Jeff Hussein Strabone said...

I hope the anonymous writer will come to the meeting with DOT and put the question to them.

Homer Fink said...

"Anon" you may want to check your meds: