Saturday, August 23, 2008

save LICH website

The LICH Medical Staff website has information and documents of the campaign to save the hospital. Our own CHA letter to our elected officials is there, too. (They actually have an earlier draft of it somehow, but we are trying to get the right version posted.) Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Copy of letter sent to NY State Governor

Honorable Governor,

I am concerned to learn that Continuum Health Partners, the Manhattan-based management of Long Island College Hospital (LICH), is trying to close its maternity ward. For Brooklynites, that shows us that they have no commitment to Brooklyn and no sympathy for Brooklyn women.

All the other hospitals with maternity in Brooklyn, would it be Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn Hospital, Downstate Hospital, Kings County Hospital, Brookdale Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Lutheran Hospital, Maimonides Hospital and Coney Island ARE OVERSATURATED. It is easy for people sitting in Manhattan, with no commitment to Brooklyn, to just try to close a maternity ward and ultimately close a whole hospital in order to allegedly gain from the sale of its real estate. Please see

I went to the website of the New York State Department of Health to write a note to the NY State Health Commissioner in reference to the request submitted to NY State to close the Maternity at LICH. I was surprised to learn that he is a former President and CEO of St-Lukes Roosevelt, one of the leading hospitals of Continuum Health Partners, also known as the "owner" of Long Island College Hospital.

Is there some kind of "buddy-buddy" relationship between the commissioner and Continuum (also known as the "owner" of Long Island College Hospital.

They have been selling the real estate assets of LICH everyday now. After closing the maternity, their ultimate goal is to close the entire hospital, SELL ITS PRIME REAL ESTATE OVERLOOKING THE WATER and take the money generated to revamp hospitals in rich midtown and lower Manhattan. As a prime example, while they are trying to close the Maternity at Long Island college Hospital, they just opened a 40 MILLION DOLLAR MATERNITY WARD at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan.

Dear Governor, in the name of people of Brooklyn, I am urging you to investigate the matter. Please use all the means available to you to get accurate information about what is beeing done to one of the oldest hospital in Brooklyn. It is easy to destroy a Maternity over night. It would take years to rebuild it. Brooklynites want to deliver in Brooklyn - not in Manhattan. The hospitals in Brooklyn are saturated and we cannot afford to loose the Maternity at Long Island College Hospital.

Anonymous said...

of course there is a new maternity ward at BI, with money from LICH anything is possible, tell Stanely to leave LICH along, we did ok without him before we got in this mess and his greed made it worst

from a concerned expectant mom in the LICH area

Anonymous said...

Tell breezoff or whatever his damn name is to lower the admin salaries
that will save all the jobs of the dedicated people facing the chopping board, or why doesn't he just leave us alone, he is the one along with his old cowboy crew that messed LICH up......thanks to you I will have to travel to take my kids to an Emergency room if they are hurt............, hope they all haunt your dreams

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Breezeoff or whatever, how come BI has a new Maternity area and you want to close the one in Brooklyn, who the hell wants to travel with a pregnant belly to BI , are you out of your mind????????,

Disrespectly yours
very pregnant in bklyn

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing to hear about the decision to close LICH. Please be good to the "PEOPLE" and do not close the BEST HOSPITAL IN BROOKLYN. The other hospitals are not close too Brooklyn Heights. Take a look in the area, we have taken over by the Real Estate Greed. SICK PEOPLE NEED A HOSPITAL NOT CONDOS.
Thanks for your understanding.

Anonymous said...

The new maternity ward at BI, was funded with money from LICH and with under handing money, anything is possible, Stanely needs to leave LICH alone, we did good without him. his greed put us in this mess.

from a concerned mom in the LICH area

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I had lunch with an intriguing doctor, Robert Mendelsohn, the author of "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," which, among things, skewered the quackish aspects of the medical profession, and took an accurate aim at the inadequacy of hospitals - the most dangerous building in any community. Dr. Mendelsohn's mixed back of unconventional ideas was music to my hears at that time. That said, even though I'm a fan of alternative medicine, acupuncture, shiatsu, meditation and organic food, LICH has a good number of passionate and hardworking medical practicioners who are people-oriented. Instead of replacing LICH with a luxury condo complex, it makes total sense to keep a good hospital, even though Patch Adams (see the film with Robin Williams) is not my preferred hilarious, mind-boggling hospital administrator. Too many people live in our neighborhood to just have pop-up medical services. We need facilities with in-patient care more than at any time in NYC history. Thank you to all who have rallied to keep LICH open. This is an opportunity to create a truly community-oriented healthcare center.