Tuesday, June 17, 2008

update: LICH to shut down rape crisis program

There is bad news from LICH. The Cobble Hill Association has learned that LICH is terminating its Rape Crisis Intervention/Victims of Violence Program, effective June 30, 2008. The rape crisis program is run in coordination with the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, the Criminal Justice Coordinator's Office, and the Kings County District Attorney Office.

[The rest is a substantial revision of an earlier account.]

I spoke to LICH's public affairs person this afternoon, June 18, for further information. They emphasized that their emergency room will still be prepared to receive rape victims and to use rape kits. They also described the Rape Crisis Intervention/Victims of Violence Program, which they have had for twenty years and which they are now shutting down, as a social work outpatient program. As they see it, shutting it down will allow them to concentrate on medical services.

However they describe the termination of the program, there is no benefit to the community in losing a program that served rape victims. They had already shut down their birthing center in 2006, as reported by the Daily News.

Cobble Hill needs a full-service hospital run by people who are committed to serving the community first and foremost. If more programs are shut down and more properties sold off, hard questions will have to be asked about the relationship between LICH and Continuum Health Partners.

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Anonymous said...

stay on this one jeff (as our local news aren't strong enough to dig themselves), as there will be more shoes (and programs) dropping.

ag cuomo has got to get involved, but may wait until it's too late. and sooooo many are afraid to speak on this one, wary of the way connected overlords at continuum and those who have profited sooooo much on stock.

please celebrate the brave at lich who speak out or try to.

we may only appreciate the lich after it is closed and gone and our rickety expiring bodies are being trucked over some bridge for care and to be saved.
what do we deserve????