Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amity Street horror redux?

110 Amity Street is back. Developer Jonathan Wachtel and his team will make a new presentation to the community this coming Monday.

Here are the details.
EVENT: Meeting with the developer and architects for 110 Amity Street (Lamm Building) to review the proposed plans.
DATE: Monday, May 19
TIME: 7.00 to 9.00 p.m.
PLACE: Long Island College Hospital, Conference Room C
The main entrance is on Hicks Street.
110 Amity Street is Block 296, Lot 5.
In our last encounter with this matter, the Landmarks Preservation Commission unanimously sided with us on January 8, 2008 and rejected the developer's plans for a mews with a row of townhouses or, as I called them, 'caves'. This will be the developer's second attempt to win us over. Let's hope he has learned from his experience.


Anonymous said...

Get off your high horse. You actually don't speak for the entire community. I live on Congress and I though that the original proposed buildings were a great use of what is now a blighted, weed-strewn, stray cat infested lot. Too bad the famous "working mans cottages" on warren st or the various examples of in-filled housing in brooklyn heights weren't a good enough historical example for you, you little despot.

Anonymous said...

540/602 again, you bitter shriveling lonely fool, you need to make yourself seen and not heard more often. Where were you at the CHA meeting voicing your issues?
Boy, how lucky are you to have this forum...start your own site or find your horse. Or are you so ivested in this lot as well....

Anonymous said...

HEy 540 high horse i bet even after a thorough search, you dont have the bojangles to show up at this meeting and voice your support for the Lucky Boys (btw you're probably a punk); unless of course you are already on the presenting team.

Get your own blog--they're free

Anonymous said...

540 here. I didn't know about the rejected plans until they were rejected. And I don't plan my life around CB meetings either. But I think I have a right to an opinion anyway. Don't want feedback? Don't host a blog. Why are you so frightened about people actually disagreeing with you anyway?

Anonymous said...

hey 540--you made the time to dump your personal attacks on this site but cant make the time to keep up with something so important as you say???
You actually said it best on your priorites and this is not my blog, but I like where it's headed.

And get up on your rights, as you barely deserve toitlet paper.

Anonymous said...

Do these posts even have a point anymore, or is this just a grudge match now? It might help if I had any idea who is on what side...

hillary billary said...

For the benefit of interested readers, I beg other commenters to distinguish themselves with pseudonyms other than "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

if you want a stake,
Dont flakE!!!

Show up tonight if you want your voice heard---and yes you can wear a wig (or a beard for some of those ont his post)